A distant and cherished dream for many, but utter reality for guitar player Beatrice Van der Linden: she turned her passion into her job.
As a ten-year-old girl she started playing the guitar at Mortsel music academy. But then she couldn´t have guessed that this instrument would become a life-long ally in her growing passion for music. She was intensely dedicated to the guitar, the violin, the piano, and theory of music. Eight years later Beatrice was awarded the medal of the government for the guitar, and in that same year she won a first prize guitar in the national music competition Pro Civitate.
She continued her studies at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory of Antwerp and won first prizes solfège, harmony, practical harmony, guitar, and chamber music, as well as a pedagogical degree and a certificate in musical analysis.
During the summer months she attended master classes by famous guitar players like John Williams (Australia) and Fritz Buss (South-Africa).
At the age of twenty-two Beatrice obtained the “Higher Diploma Guitar”, the first woman to do so at the Antwerp Conservatory.
She was a teacher at the State Music Academy of Antwerp. She also taught practical harmony for ten years at the Royal Flemish Music Conservatory of Antwerp. She teaches the guitar, accompaniment on the guitar, and ensemble at the Academy for Music, Word, and Dance at Mortsel and Kontich.
As a guitar player Beatrice cooperated several times in radio and television recordings, such as “First Meeting” at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels. She performed as a soloist as well as in different chamber music combinations.
Over the years she became interested in other styles of music. In her concerts she combines the classical and slightly romantic repertoire, with Spanish and Latin American passages that flirt with dances like bossa nova or samba.
She also attended a course “Freie musik” at the “Deutsches Institut für Improvisation” in Kassel (Germany) which was the incentive to share more of her own compositions with her audience.
In 2008 her first cd Subdued Passion was released. It combined Spanish and latin music with her own meditative compositions and was an immediate success. In 2010, her second cd Streams of Emotions was born, fully dedicated to her own meditative compositions on the ten-string guitar. In November 2012 she presented Modus Vivendi, her third cd featuring her own compositions.
For Beatrice it is and always will be her deepest wish to bring people together around healing music and to share her passion for the guitar, this most beautiful and vulnerable instrument.


2018         INTROSPECTION

CD #4


CD #1B

2012         MODUS VIVENDI

CD #3


CD #2

2008         SUBDUED PASSION

CD #1