Release date: 2018-02-01

About Beatrice

The guitar has always defined my life since I started playing it as a young girl. After I studied the classical guitar I discovered the 10-string guitar. I was immediately mesmerized by this unique instrument which offered a warmer sound and more interesting possibilities with its extra bass strings.
For years I only played music composed by other people. But after I turned 40 I started improvising and creating my own compositions. This enabled me to express my feelings. Moreover the 10-string guitar gave me empowerment, which is shown in my music too.
In order to share my music with as many listeners as possible I decided to record it on cd. At first the recordings of my own compositions were combined with those of existing music. Later, thanks to the positive response, I developed  my own style.
I believe that music can move us deeply, and maybe, inadvertently, can let flow a tear. Thanks to music I always find the strength to cope with difficult moments and therefore it enables me to get on with my life. With my music I would like to heal you as well, make you relax, bring peace, and connect you with your deepest inner being.

10-string guitar

Ten-string classical guitar
Each instrument has its own character, its individual sound, its typical properties. This enables a musician to choose the appropriate instrument. As a child I was fascinated by the wonderful sound of the harp. At that time though the harp was not an evident choice, so I decided to embrace the classical guitar instead.
A few years after my higher education I heard the Yepes-Monden duo on two ten-string guitars. This impressive combination sounded like a cathedral! I enthusiastically switched to the ten-string guitar too. Now I had four extra bass strings which can be tuned differently according to the composition.
A precursor of the ten-string guitar, called “decacorde”, was already built in 1826. But the six-string guitar won the popular vote. Only in 1963 José Ramirez built a modern ten-string guitar. An instrument with greater volume and more possibilities for which numerous pieces were composed in the twentieth century.
My first ten-string guitar was a “Ramirez”. Later I bought a “Paulino Bernabé” with a spruce soundboard. This instrument allows me to play improvisations and compositions to my heart’s content!